Our starting point

Social innovations encounter difficulties in becoming known

Stakeholders, coaches, financers of social innovations and academics share this problem.

  • Marine, Scolab founder

    « There are tons of websites which present projects, I don’t know where to look anymore »
  • Nadia, Fondation Avenir

    « When I look for projects, I always get the same ones »
  • Manuel, Incub‘inno

    « We need to have a precise vision of what’s going on at the local level »

Social Innovations Crossroad is a community of social innovation actors who put in commun their projects to highlight and develop them.


Highlight every social innovation

Associations, foundations, communities or citizens offer many new solutions to today’s challenges. Small as well as national projects are highlighted the same way.


Directly collect the information already online

Hundreds of websites already collect social innovation projects. We want this information to be more accessible. Community members’ websites are automatically scraped, they don’t have to fill again all the information.

Where to

Boost cooperation

Social Innovations Crossroad’s ambition is to connect project holders and to strengthen relations between coaches, financers of social innovations and academics.

Wait, what is a social innovation ?

No precise definition at the Social Innovations Crossroad ! Projects accessible in the search engine are capitalized by members of the community as part of their missions. Each of them guarantees the innovative approach of the projects they share.

Concretely, Social Innovations Crossroad is

What is important to us


The search engine and the open-source softwares associated are carried by Social Innovations Crossroad community. Each member participates on an equal manner, the governance being led under the principle of “one member, one voice’’.

The community Charter

The Charter presents the principles, objectives and organisation of Social Innovations Crossroad’s community.

Download the Charter