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We don’t collect directly projects, we highlight those collected by members of our community.

Hundreds of websites already collect social innovation projects. We want this information to be more accessible. Community members’ websites are automatically scraped, they don’t have to fill again all the information. Every actor already highlighting social innovations can join the community.

You capitalize social innovation projects and you’d like to share them in the Social Innovation Crossroad?

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Social innovation crossroad federates public institutions, networks, foundations, associations, medias and research centers.

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Stories of the community

  • Hugues Sibille, Labo de l’ESS (french think-tank in social economy)

    « Social innovation is a Great Promise. Our responsibility is to recognize, transform and, before all, accelerate it to thrive results as high as unsatisfied social needs. »
  • Philippe Laurent, Association of French Mayors

    « Facing the growing risk of social and territorial divide linked with the crisis, social economy appears today as a chance to grasp. We therefore chose to join Social Innovation Crossroad to share good practices and impacting initiatives that disrupt practices by creating shared social value. »
  • Florence Raineix, National Federation of Caisses d’Epargne (french cooperative banks)

    « As regional cooperative banks, through our federation, we are proud to contribute to the co-construction of this platform serving territories and its social innovations »
  • Yannick Blanc, Fonda (prospective think tank for associations)

    « Social Innovation Crossroad can become a lever to transform the world. It will enable to understand and develop capacity of initiative and cooperation in the society, the cornerstone of social innovation and its promises. »
  • Cédric Szabo, AMRF ( Association of French rural mayors)

    « At a crossroad meet people from every horizon, including some who ignored the existence of the other. It’s to give light to rural territories as they really are, that local, rural projects are legitimate in this exchange forum »
  • Giorgia Sebregondi, Fondation Cognacq-Jayy

    « This project is fulfilling meetings, other perspectives for social innovation, the experience of an original governance and discovering new inclusive projects. »
  • Emma Stokking, Sparknews

    « Sparknews’ mission is to identify and highlight the most inspiring social innovations. It was thus natural for us to join the Crossroad in order to contribute and find new topics »
  • Christophe Thevignot, AEIDL

    « Identify, communicate and support social innovations in Europe is part of AEIDL’s priorities »